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If your looking for Citroen HY Vans ''Type H''', '''H-Type''' or '''HY''' Van that's for Sale or Citroen Hy Van Conversions, plus something that stands out from the crowd but yet is versatile, enough to work at any high out put event, this is it, Vintage Style!  The Classic Citroën Hy Van can be converted to suite many type of business applications, If your looking to have a business within the Mobile Catering business, We can supply and fit all types of Catering Equipment like cooking ranges, Griddles we can also fit a whole range of beverage solutions like Lpg commercial Coffee Machines and Smoothie Machines or if your in Marketing or Retail we can custom if a whole range of Display Equipment, advertising systems and Showcase equipment, everything you will need in order to become very successful business owner no matter what field of mobile business you operate in...

Citroen Hy Sampling Vans
Citroen Hy Van Photos H Van Photo

Our custom built, branded Citroën Hy Catering Vans are not just ordinary mobile catering vehicles for your business. They are the fresh new innovative way to bring your product to the consumer whatever you sell. Utilizing a Citroën Hy Van for your mobile food business allows entrepreneurs, mobile chefs, company brands and agencies to directly interact with potential customers and deliver high quality food and beverage products.
Citroen Hy Van Tools

Work Carried Out As Standard

Citroen Hy online

Rust Removed and Treated

Rust in Panels cut out and Replaced

Chassis Rust in Panels Removed/Replaced

Engine Dissembled
Chemically Cleaned
Replacement Parts

New Head Lights

New Brakes Lines

Brake Master Cylinder

New Alternator
Carburettor Chemically Cleaned

Citroen Type H Van Parts Engine
Citroen Hy Engine Parts For Sale UK England Ireland Europe
Citroen Hy Wheels and Parts
Classic HY Foe Sale In UK France Dublin
HY Van Google
Citroen Hy Catering Van

Carburettor Chemically Cleaned Reconditioned Starter Motor

Electrics/Dash Dials Checked
Rewired were needed

Primer Inside and Out

Spray Paint Inside and Out

Dash Board Included

Color of choice

Chrome Trims Refurbished

Large Customer Serving Hatch 
Fold down Customer Shelf

High Stress Gas Struts

Citroen Hy Van Logo

The Citroën Hy Van is custom designed for when you want to get serious. We have a multitude of mobile kitchen designs for your needs. We are a leading manufacturer of high concept Hy Catering Van designs. Whether you want to sell Crepes, Hot-Dogs, Beverages, Coffee or Food, A Citroen Hy Catering Van have the ability to do it all.

Citroen Hy Pizza Van

The Citroën H Vans large customer serving hatch is large enough so you can strategically place “eye-level” product display unit. Still leaving plenty of room so the customer can see in-to the van, When we design a Citroen Hy Van Conversion we design it around your needs. The Citroen Hy Van has enough space contain tall drinks refrigeration, freezers, Large cooking griddles etc.

Internal Works Carried Out As Standard.

Floor/Walls/Ceiling Ply Lined
New Bulk Head
Commercial Non Slip Flooring and Skirting
Work Tops Choice of Timber or Stainless Steel, Two Sides

Chrome Work Top Uprights
Sliding Door Press on Back Wall
(with purchase of Coffee Pack)

Wall’s Fitted Out In Sky-bond/Stainless Steel
Roof Covered with Sky-bond/Stainless Steel

Larger Customer Serving Hatch
Fold Out Customer Shelf
Ciroen Hy Spares
Citroen Hy Van Sticker
Citroen Hy Van Graphic CAD
Citroen Hy van a vendra
Electric Mains Pack
Three Down Lights/Three Either Side
Two Double Sockets
RCD Mains Unit
External Mains Hook Up

Stainless Steel Sinks x 2
Manual Pump Tap
Fresh Water Tank “25ltr”
Waste Water Tank “25ltr”
Two Driver Cab Chairs Recovered
Choice of Colors

ECSSA Electric Installation Certification

RGII Gas Certification

We can design and custom fit your newly revamped Citroën Hy Van out with a full turnkey Catering or Retail solution from flooring to Graphics we can meet your specific food, beverage or Retail operation requirements.

Customization can range from unique food or Retail equipment on the inside to one of kind Graphics Pack on the outside. You pick the options, and we will meet the catering or retail requirements, and will fit-out your van to the highest of standard’s... all based at the best price’s around!!

Citroen Hy Woodfire Pizza Van
Citroen Hy Camper Van
Citroen Hy van For Business
Promotion, marketing or Retail activities need to be backed up with effective advertising collateral and we know for sure the a Citroen Hy Van set up as a Mobile Marketing or Mobile Retail Vehicle can fill the gap For regular attendees of large scale events and exhibitions. a well-designed and thought out Mobile Business Vehicle can help you deliver your message with impact.

Every shop owner, marketer, advertiser and PR professional knows that attending or setting up events can help you to raise the profile of your brand. A fully branded, Citroen Hy Van set up as a Promotional Vehicle or Retail Vehicle can give your B2C activities a major lift, attracting attention, increasing exposure and enhancing your brand and image.

Citroen Hy Barber Van
We can customize your new mobile Marketing or Mobile Retail Citron Hy Van to suit your individual needs and requirements, whether you want to start a sensation with any new or existing brand, you can be guaranteed to create a demand for your product

We can custom fit the Citroen Hy as a Marketing Vehicle for both the private and public sectors. We understand that what works perfectly in one industry may not work in another industry.

This is why we love to work alongside you to create the perfect balance of promotional and functionality, insuring your new Mobile Business creates the right impression of your brand. Wherever you work and whatever you offer, talk to us If you need a mobile Marketing or Mobile Retail vehicle that will create a serious impact. We can help you to create promotional vehicle that will work.

Our pricing structure is generally set on the condition of the vans that we source. Due to the fact that the Citroen H Vans can be any thing from, thirty four years up to seventy years old the range of work can be very extensive, so we set price mainly on the condition of the Vehicle, If we need to replace parts on the Engine and body, carry out a large amount of work on the body and structure of the van this will increase the price of the van, although we do try and keep our prices as low as possible,
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If your purchasing a new Catering or Retail Citroen HY Van from us we only want the best for both you and our other customers, we try our up-most to find only the best quality vans from right across Europe, 


Rust Removed and Treated
Rust in Panels Cut Out and Replaced
Chassis Rust in Panels Removed/Replaced
Engine Dissembled and Chemically Cleaned
and Replacement Parts were needed
Refurbished Radiator
Replaced Hose Pipes W/N
New Twin Head Lights W/N
New Brakes Lines W/N
Wheel Hubs Disassembled Chemically Cleaned
Brake Master Cylinder W/N

New Alternator
Carburetor Chemically Cleaned
Reconditioned Starter Motor
Electrics/Dash Dials Checked
Primer Inside and Out
Spray Painted Inside and Out
Dash Board Included
Color of choice
Trims Refurbished
Serving Hatch & Fold Down Customer Shelf
Two Gas Struts

If you've already read other pages on our web site you'll possibly appreciate that we put in a lot of effort to design and create Custom Mobile Catering Units and also Citroen Hy Catering and Retail Vans of distinction. We take great pride in the fact that what we built or convert for our customers is, for one reason or another, quite unique. We like our Citroen Hy Catering Van Conversions and Citroen Hy Van Businesses to be special, to reflect the quality of both you and your new Citroen Hy van Business

Citroen Hy H Van Gear Box Gearbox Parts Recondition
When taking on a project as big as Citroen Hy Van Conversion, our aim is to deliver an out-standing finish that will last for years. In order to achieve this high level of standard we have invested a great deal of time and money ensuring we have the right equipment in place and solid and proven techniques for preparing a body of the vehicles. Once our first analysis has taken place your Citroen Hy Conversion, project moves forward with our Auto Body Technician's completely dissembling the vehicle in preparation for an off frame restoration
(if necessary) We take your Citroen Hy Van back to the bare shell, stripping the vehicle of everything, windows, handles, bright work, engine, gearbox, suspension, wiring, interior absolutely everything.
Cheap Citroen Hy Van Engaine Parts Ireland UK
We then start with the body work, reshaping, & contouring your vehicle as near to its original state as possible. When resurrecting your Citroen Hy Van we will track down those hard to find parts from engine parts, wheels, emblems, brake parts, trim pieces & interior assembly pieces as well. If it’s the case that your replacement parts cannot be obtained, This is where our experienced team pull our resources, skills, & fabrication ability thus enabling us to restore these original parts, or completely build new parts from scratch. Once body work, interior work, & engine work are complete your classic Catering Citroen or Mobile Business Hy Van enters into the final stage of the restoration – Paint! Once painted your classic car is reassembled and is ready for the big unveiling.
Citroen Hy Van Engaine Parts Ireland UK
Our team will work with you through the entire process of your new Citroen Hy Van Fit-out from start to finish. Budgets will be discussed, exterior, interior, engine parts and modifications will be discussed, paint scheme, other add-ons and special requests will  take place before your Citroen Hy Van Conversion undergoes any process. We work with you throughout the entire conversion process to ensure your satisfaction and bring you the peace of mind that your Citroen Hy Van will be completed in a professional manner.
Citroen Hy Eletronic Ignitions for sale Classic Car Van
Electronic Ignition For Hy Vans Parts Distributor Caps Hy Van H Van Citroen Ireland

The Citroen Hy Van like all Classic cars are prone to various problems, including breakdowns, due to the failure of the mechanical ignition system. The contact points, mechanical advance and the vacuum mechanism will become worn and unreliable. Replacement systems are available but fail to account for the owner's desire to maintain the vehicle's classic look under the bonnet.

We can supply and fit Ignition a fully electronic ignition system that has been designed as a direct replacement for the mechanical distributor. The contact points, mechanical advance and vacuum mechanism have been replaced by modern electronics that are fitted into an authentic looking distributor housing. This ensures that your Citroen Hy Van retains its original appearance in the engine bay, the difference can only be seen when the distributor cap is removed.

HZ Van For Sale ds citroen
Engine: 4 cylinders in line, wet liners, bore 78mm,
stroke 100mm, cubic capacity 1 911cm3, 11 CV rating, 50 bhp @ 3 800 rpm
Transmission: Front wheel drive via 3 speed manual gearbox, single dry plate clutch
Brakes: Hydraulically operated drums, handbrake operates on front wheels
Suspension: Torsion bars, four shock absorbers on front, two on rear
Steering: Rack and pinion
Dimensions: Length - 4,26m - Width - 1,99m
Wheelbase: (left) - 2,53m, (right) - 2,50m
Front track - 1,61m
Rear track -   1,65m
Unladen weight - 1 400kg
Maximum payload: 1 200kg
Maximum speed: 78 kph
Fuel consumption: 13 litres/100km

“The Citroën H Van, Type H, H-Type or HY is a light truck (or delivery van) produced by the French car maker Citroën between 1947 and 1981. It was developed as a simple front wheel driven van after World War II. A total of 473,289 were produced in 34 years in factories in France and Belgium. Most of them were sold in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. They were not sold in the UK in right hand drive.”

HY van logo Citroen sticker movie
HY van logo Citroen sticker movie
In 1949 came the HZ with a maximum 850kg payload and with a top speed of 88 kph.
Then in 1958 the H was superseded by the HY with a maximum payload of 1 500kg.

In 1961, the HY DI and HY DI were launched, fitted with a four cylinder Perkins diesel engine of 1 621cm3 capacity developing 42 bhp @ 3 600 rpm and rated at 7 CV. The six volt electrical system was replaced by a 12 volt one
A simple request at the time of the Second World War: "Create a van with the characteristics of the 2CV" (front wheel drive, low fuel consumption and excellent road-holding) Studies for the vehicle that would eventually become the Type H began in 1942 on the instructions of André Lefèbvre. The design brief was for a commercial vehicle which would employ the principal mechanical components of the Traction .
The engine came from the 11 CV while the gearbox, suspension and the interior were derived from those fitted to the 15 CV. Unusually, the H had different wheelbases on each side.  The superbly practical and aesthetically odd body was designed by Franchiset.
At the end of 1963, the HY-72 and HZ-72 were launched, fitted with a new petrol engine of 1 628cm3 capacity developing 45 bhp @ 4 200 rpm. The reduction in capacity was achieved by a reduction in cylinder bore to 72mm - hence the model numbers.

In 1964, a single windscreen was fitted to all models. The Perkins diesel was replaced by an Indénor engine of 1 816cm3 capacity developing 50 bhp @ 4 000 rpm. These models were called HY-IN and HZ-IN.

In 1966, the HY 78 and HZ 78 were launched, fitted with the 1 911cm3 engine developing 58bhp @ 4 500 rpm. The maximum payload of the HZ 72 IN and HZ 78 IN was increased to 1 000kg thanks to the Indénor engine being increased in capacity to 1 946cm3 developing 57 bhp @ 4 000 rpm.

In 1969, a new model, the HX IN2 was launched with a fully laden weight of 3 100kg,
increased to 3 200kg in 1969 when it was called HW IN2. Also in 1969, the vehicle was given a minor facelift with rectangular rear wheel arches, new front indicators, and, less visibly, the fitting of two instead of four shock absorbers at the front

In 1972, the HW was made available with hydropneumatic suspension at the rear - and fitted with an ambulance body. Numerous minor improvements were made until the end of production in December 1981.
A total of 478 743 models were built in the factories at Javel and Aulnay-sous-Bois. An additional 10 016 H Vans were built in the Netherlands between 1963 and 1970.
Production of the Citroen Hy Van ceased in 1980, but around 2010 people started to see the potential in the use of the Citroen Hy for Catering, Marketing, for any type of Mobile Business,
The space within the Citroen H Van is ideal for anyone looking to start their own business, or for an existing business owner, looking to extend the reach of their business and engage customers that aren't local to their fixed business...
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